Aritra Ghosh | অরিত্র ঘোষ 

LSST-DA Catalyst Fellow | UW Astronomy & DiRAC Institute

Data-Science Fellow | UW e-Science Institute

Visiting Research Affiliate | Yale Astrophysics

Investigating Galaxy Evolution & AGN
using Custom-Developed Machine Learning Tools

Hi There!

Image of Aritra Ghosh. Aritra Ghosh is a Ph.D. candidate
								in astrophysics and astronomy at Yale University. I am an LSST-DA Catalyst Fellow and am currently hosting my fellowship at UW Astronomy & the DiRAC Institute. I use the latest advances in machine learning combined with large surveys to study the formation & evolution of galaxies, and investigate the specific role played by Active Galactic Nuclei in this process.

Most recently, I have been developing Bayesian machine learning frameworks to extract morphological parameters (e.g., radius, bulge-to-total light ratio) of galaxies & AGN. I have focused on enabling these frameworks to predict uncertainties which are well callibrated and accurate. I have used these to produce brand-new morphological catalogs for $\sim 8$ Million Hyper Suprime-Cam galaxies. We have used these catalogs to identify and investigate different evolutionary pathways for galaxies & AGN with varying morphologies.

You can find more extensive details about my research here. You can reach me at aritrag (at) and aritraghsh09 (at)